IP Voicelephony

Migrate your voice to cloud



Our platform, modeled on the carrier class concept, includes all features such as:

  • Mobile Extensions
  • Audio conference Rooms
  • Global Extension Directory
  • Remote Configuration
  • Video Call Integration
  • Integration with other Platforms
  • Integration with S4B (Skype for Business/Teams)
  • Contact Center



NO INVESTMENTS: Why invest in something that is not part of your core business?

SIMPLIFY: Get everything you need for the smooth running of your single-vendor telephony infrastructure. IP Phones, Gateways, Mobility Software, APP’s, PBX Centers and others.

ENLARGE: Worry about your growth, we will accompany you, we are ready and with full scalability.



Mobility!!! Wherever you are, just dial 4 digits and talk to your company. Through a simple wi-fi network in a restaurant, at home or anywhere else within your carrier’s 4g coverage, you will be connected to your fixed branch.

The mobility solutions are available on your smartphone’s most popular operational systems including android, apple ios, symbia and windows mobile, as well as on your notebook computer, guaranteeing that users have choices and the flexibility they need to be more productive with corporate security and call criptography using tls (transport layer security) and srtp (secure real-time transport protocol).

  • User friendly app
  • Landline to mobile transfer possibility without call breaking up
  • Call Swipe
  • Branch single number
  • Bigger contact with the final client
  • Reduced roaming cost
  • Time efficiency
  • Conference integration
  • Call via branch


We have been able to unify all traditional communication features with the Microsoft Teams environment. The result is unified communication, which helps users adopt and increase their use. Base Telco understands its structure and seeks the best convergence format between the telephony and Microsoft environments.

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Read more about
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